About Krysus

Krysus was established in 2016 to offer the civilian sector the advanced performance and recovery technology typically only available to elite military and professional athletes.

Founders Doug and Latina Isaacks began specializing in performance optimization and recovery in 2009 with Rescue Athlete, a training program for those entering the demanding rescue industry. Doug served 26 years in the United States Air Force, 20 of them as a Pararescueman, trained to perform technical rescue operations for sensitive items, and tactical combat casualty care for personnel, in dangerous and hostile territories world-wide.

Doug Isaaks
Latina Isaaks
Photo of Doug and Latina Isaaks

Serving Others As An Industry Leader

In 2012, Rescue Athlete became Guardian Premier Solutions, today an industry leader in delivering the most innovative training, education, and research in optimizing human performance to military and tactical communities. After decades of military service, Doug and Latina have both experienced first-hand the toll it can take on those who serve and on their families. Guardian Premier Solutions continues to address the high demands of military service.

However, they quickly recognized that the same psychological and physical stressors affect those outside of the military community, impacting their ability to perform at their best. Doug and Latina knew they had to find a way to offer the advanced technologies and recovery systems available to their military clients to a wider sector.

Krysus is their first human performance and recovery center focused on supporting the local community. Whether you are a highly competitive athlete, have critical occupational demands, or even just experience the environmental stress of daily life, Krysus’ services will equip you with the knowledge and clarity needed to achieve at your highest levels.

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