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Take advantage of the latest performance and recovery therapies used by professional athletes and elite military members.

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Krysus Float Therapy icon

Float Therapy

Recover on super-saturated saltwater in our unique sensory deprivation cabin.

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Salt Therapy

Breathe deeply and purify from the inside in our customized halotherapy room.

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Sound Therapy

Relax as our specially composed sound performance raises your vibration.

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Red Light Therapy

Optimize your health using our non-invasive red and near-infrared light.

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Modern Life is Tough on our Bodies and on our Minds

We respond to dozens of challenges every day – a rush request at work, a tense traffic jam, even pushing ourselves to achieve a new personal best out on the track. Our lives are filled with stress, but our innovative approach to human performance and recovery can help.


Krysus is here to empower you to become your best self, and that means superior performance on the field, in the office, and at home. With 16 years of experience in stress management and performance improvement, we offer real solutions that begin to work immediately.